This site provides companion resources for Dr. Schroeder’s Taipei Tech courses. Many of the resources here are particularly useful for the fall required British and American Literature course (the reason the site was started), but this website also provides support for Dr. Schroeder’s MA and senior project students (including a large variety of information on research methods and finding sources) and for students in the non-major courses. Additional courses are listed in the “Specific Courses” menu. Do look up your current course there.

For the readings for your particular class, however, you should sign into your student portal and go to the Taipei Tech i-School site. Texts that you do not have in hard copy will be available there.

Note: On April 12, 2019, I moved the sources on MLA citation and Plagiarism and Patchwriting to a separate Research Ethics heading.

This site was last updated on 21 Oct. 2020.